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Located in Raleigh, NC, Jawfish Digital works with companies across the U.S. to offer complete and unlimited web design packages.

Why Jawfish Digital?

Budget-Friendly, Flat Monthly Rates

Most web designers charge hourly or as a bulk project cost. However, our monthly web design plans allow your company to budget the cost of your website design, redesign, and/or routine updates in a flat monthly rate.

There are no hidden fees, overblown budgets, or unexpected costs. You know what to expect each and every month.

Unlimited Updates & Revisions

All of our monthly web design plans include unlimited updates and revisions. You read that right. Unlimited! Don’t like the color of a button or the layout of a page? Just let us know and we’ll update it at no additional cost.

Offering unlimited changes allows you to get exactly what you want without worrying about exceeding your budget.

We Know Our Stuff

Unlike most agencies that offer every marketing service imaginable, Jawfish Digital focuses on doing two things extremely well: content & web design.

Web design is our bread and butter, something that we do each and every day. You can rest assured knowing our team has the knowledge and experience to handle all of your web design and development needs.

We Take Communication Seriously

Communication is a huge focus of our business and something we pride ourselves on. We reply promptly to messages (no later than 1 business day) and we’re available to chat via phone, email, live chat, or video conferencing.

No matter what the communication method is, we make it easy to get in touch. You’ll never feel like you’re in the dark.

Location Does Not Matter

Although located in Raleigh, NC, we’ve worked with businesses across the U.S. If you’re in the area, that’s great! Come say hi! If not, no worries.

We can work with your company no matter where you are located. Staying in touch is easy and we’re always available via phone, email, chat, or video conference.


Modern, Mobile-Optimized Design

We focus on clean, modern website design that functions on mobile devices just as well as it does on your computer.

No matter what device someone visits your website with, you can be certain that it will look great and function exactly as it should!


Our Process

Web Design Samples

Below are a few websites we have designed for our clients. For more samples, view our full portfolio here.


Grid50 is a marketplace, e-commerce website for photographers and videographers. The site features e-commerce functionality but acts like traditional marketplace websites such as eBay and Etsy. This site was designed by Jawfish Digital from scratch and features quite a bit of custom development.


CamilReign Media Group is an agency that specializes in event planning and publicity. The site was a complete redesign from a Wix website to a fully-fledged WordPress build. The site features an event calendar with the ability to purchase tickets, an Instagram gallery, and a custom donation form.


Helpknx is a job board website that connects professionals in the hospitality industry. Job seekers can browse for hospitality jobs and employers can post job listings for free. The site was a complete start-to-finish build by Jawfish Digital.

Web Design Pricing Plans

Small to Medium Size Business Plans

These plans are best for local businesses or small online operations. This includes lawyers, doctors, restaurants, agencies, real estate agents, spas or salons, etc.


$ 250 /MONTH

Includes up to 5 web pages


$ 350 /MONTH

Includes up to 15 web pages


$ 600 /MONTH

Includes up to 30 web pages

E-Commerce Website Plans


$ 350 /MONTH

Includes up to 25 products and 5 non-shopping pages (such as an about page, shipping and returns page, etc.)


$ 500 /MONTH

Includes up to 100 products and 10 non-shopping pages (such as an about page, shipping and returns page, etc.)


$ 1,000 /MONTH

Includes up to 200 products and 20 non-shopping pages (such as an about page, shipping and returns page, etc.)


On top of the build-out of your website and unlimited updates, revisions, and maintenance, each of the following services are also included in our web design plans:

Web Hosting

Web hosting is used to hold your website’s actual files such as the Content Management System (ex. WordPress), images, code files, and so on. Hosting is required in order to build a website. With Jawfish Digital, web hosting is already included in your plan. We take care of anything hosting related so you never have to worry. If there’s ever a problem, we will reach out to the hosting provider to solve the issue.

Security Maintenance

Unfortunately, website hackers exist. You may think hackers only go after large organizations but that is simply not true. Instead, it’s usually much easier for hackers to target smaller websites that do not keep their site up-to-date or pay attention to website security. Thus, many of these websites are at risk.

To prevent a website hack, we include website security in each of our web design plans. Some security measures include changing the default login address of your site, using captchas, preventing spam, and blocking people using known “bad” IP addresses from visiting your website. We also conduct monthly malware scans to ensure your site is free from any malware.

Weekly Site Backups

In addition to added security protocols, we also backup your site every week and store backups to a separate cloud storage server (with up to four backups stored at a time). If anything does happen to your site, we can always revert back to one of your backups.

CMS, Theme, and Plugin Updates

We build all of our websites on WordPress, a popular Content Management System (CMS) used by nearly 30% of all websites on the internet. WordPress’ backend makes it easy to access pages on your site, add media, edit blog posts, and so on. The problem with WordPress, however (or any CMS for that matter), is that there are always constant updates that need to be made. Many of these updates are developed to address security weaknesses.

WordPress also uses what’s called Themes and Plugins. In a nutshell, a theme is used to create the look and style of your website. Plugins are used to add specific functionalities. Themes and plugins also have routine updates that are released periodically.

It is a best practice to keep WordPress and any themes and plugins your site uses up-to-date. This ensures your website does not have any potential security holes. At Jawfish Digital, we update WordPress, your theme, and your plugins on a monthly basis to ensure your site runs properly and that it is secure.

Spam Cleanup

Spam can be a problem for many sites if not addressed properly. Especially, if you have a blog. Spam comments can add up quickly.

The first thing we do to clean up spam is to prevent it in the first place. First, we install a plugin that prevents spammers from posting to your site (via comments or forms). This does not prevent 100% of all spam but it does cut down the amount of spam significantly.

If any additional spam does get through, we clean out spam messages and comments monthly. This keeps the backend of your site organized and keeps everything running smoothly.


Links break. It happens. You may send us something that you want to link to from a specific page or blog post but that page may eventually be deleted. Especially if the link was to an external site.

To make sure there are no broken links on your site, we run a broken link check every month. If we find any broken links, we will fix them by either removing or replacing the link.


To make sure that you receive every last message that someone sends using a form on your site, we run form submission checks monthly for each of our client’s websites.

In some cases, updating a plugin or theme can cause an issue with a form. Or, maybe the email that was originally in use for the form was deleted. For example, if that person left your company.

This is why we check all of the forms across your website on a monthly basis to ensure everything works as it should.

Each of our plans include unlimited revisions and unlimited, ongoing maintenance for your website. Additionally, we don’t charge a huge upfront cost for the initial build of your website. Building and maintaining your website is figured into our monthly plans based on the features and pages you need.

This is why we do require a 12-month contract for each of our plans. After that, we can work together on month-to-month basis. At that point, you can cancel at any time and choose to go work with another web designer if you wish.

Additionally, if you start with a lower plan but require additional pages at some point in the future, we can bump you up to the next price plan at that point. From there, we will add any additional pages and update each on a monthly basis as needed.

Turnaround time depends on how many and what types of changes or modifications you need. If you have a small list of updates, we can typically complete these changes in 1 to 2 business days.

For more advanced changes, it may take longer. However, we will keep you notified and let you know beforehand if a specific change will require more time.

We tend to build and maintain websites for small-to-medium sized local businesses, as well as e-commerce websites.

We’ve designed websites for healthcare, nonprofits, cybersecurity, tech companies, clothing stores, event agencies, local service companies, and more!

We bill web design, redesign, and maintenance on a flat monthly rate based on the number of pages your website has.

For example, our SMB Pro plan is $350/month for up to 15 pages. This means we will maintain and make any changes you need to any of these 15 pages. No matter how many changes you need, the cost will still be only $350/month. If you need additional pages, we can simply move you up to the next plan.

This cost also includes basic hosting for your website as well as our time spent on security, updating your website’s plugins and themes, conducting weekly backups, preventing spam, checking for broken links, and more.

Since we factor the price of a new web design build out into a monthly cost along with ongoing updates, we do require a contract if we are to build a new website for you or completely redesign your website.

In this case, we require a 12-month contract to cover the cost for the website design. After that, you can continue on our monthly plan for ongoing maintenance/updates and cancel at any time.

If you already have a website and just need a few changes completed every month, we do not require a contract and you can contact us for special pricing.

When we mention that we offer unlimited changes and maintenance, sometimes people are confused by exaclty what “unlimited” means and what types of changes/requests we include in our monthly web design plans.

To clarify, we offer unlimited changes and maintenance based on the number of pages your website have. For example, our SMB Pro plan is $350/month for up to 15 pages. This means we will maintain and make any changes you need for up to 15 pages on your website. If you only have 10 pages, and want to add another, we can add up to 5 pages at no additional cost. No matter how many changes you need, the cost will still be only $350/month. If you need additional pages that go beyond what your plan includes, we can simply move you up to the next plan.

The only exception to this is custom development where we need to custom build a feature for you and can’t use the existing resources available to us to implement a new solution on your website.

So what types of changes are included?

A revision request might be:

  • Change the color of X element
  • Change the text on this page
  • Replace the image on X page with this image
  • Change the order of the menu items
  • Reformat this text
  • Change the title of this page
  • Change the layout of X page
  • Etc.

If you’re interested in getting started, simply use the contact form on this page, schedule a call, or send us an email at info@jawfishdigital.com to get started. We’ll take it from there!

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