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Website Sample - Camil Reign

CamilReign Media Group is an event planning and publicity agency in Atlanta, GA. Camil came to Jawfish because she wanted to redesign her previous website that she built using Wix. The site functioned decently enough but it lacked the specific features Camil needed for her agency.

Specifically, Camil wanted to add an event calendar to her agency’s site so that visitors could view upcoming events and buy tickets to special events.

Below is the homepage for the CamilReign Media Group website:

CamilReign Media Group - Homepage

Below is a screenshot of the event calendar page:

CamilReign Media Group - Event Calendar

In addition to the calendar feature, we also added a photo gallery, an Instagram gallery, contact form, a magazine page, and a sponsors page, and a donation form (for a scholarship program). Below is a screenshot of the donation form:

CamilReign Media Group - Donation Form

I had a great experience working with Cody. He was very thorough, gathered the appropriate details, and created a site based from my preferences. I get so many compliments on how awesome my website looks. Will be using his services again in the future.


Camil Reign, Owner of CamilReign Media Group