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    Simplified Building is an e-commerce website that sells pipe fittings. They also sell desk kits, table kits, railing kits, and other types of railing solutions. Many of their customer use their fittings and kits to build all sorts of DIY projects from tables, to desks, to parkour structures, and just about anything you can think of.

    Cody (the founder of Jawfish) and the rest of the team here have been working with Simplified Building for a number of years. Jawfish has helped Simplified Building with:

    • Content marketing and strategy
    • Creating blog posts and attracting web traffic
    • Building their email list
    • Creating web graphics
    • Video production

    This is just a small showcase of some of the work completed:


    Content Marketing for Client - Simplified Building

    Jawfish has produced over 100 blog posts for Simplified Building. A blog post is published roughly once a week and each is post is structured with SEO best practices in mind. Each post has a target keyword (that Jawfish identifies as an opportunity through various keyword research methods) and proper website SEO formatting is used (such as using headers, clean URLs, and descriptive alt tags).

    This process has worked out well for both companies. Since starting to work together, our content for Simplified Building has brought:

    • Over 500,000 visits
    • Over 400,000 new visitors
    • Over $30,000 in direct revenue (this only accounts for sales made directly after visiting blog posts and does not count purchases made at a date in the future or custom orders placed over the phone)


    Email Marketing for Client - Simplifed Building

    In addition to publishing a new blog post nearly every week for Simplified Building, we also promote the post to their email list. This email is hand coded to fit the look and branding of the Simplified Building website.

    We’ve also set up a few automation sequences along with a few email signups and content upgrades (an added piece of content that a visitor can signup for in exchange for their email). Below are a few samples:

    Content Upgrade Example

    Content Upgrade Example


    Social Media Web Graphics for Client - Simplified Building

    To promote Simplified Building’s content even further, we also publish to each of their social media accounts. Sometimes this is as simple as publishing the article to each network. In other cases, specifically on Pinterest, we may create a custom graphic to draw more attention to the image and attract more visits. A few examples are posted below:

    Pinterest Graphic Sample


    Pinterest Graphic Sample
    Pinterest Graphic Sample


    The following are a set of Adwords graphics designed for Simplified Building. The designs were created for three different product groups: Kee Klamp, Clothing Racks, and Box Bolt. Each product group has three different ad sizes associated with it: 350×200, 728×90, and 160×600. The 350×200 size has two different variations.
    If you are using an ad blocker, you may need to disable it in order to view the images below.
    Adwords Graphic Sample
    Adwords Graphic Sample
    Adwords Graphic Sample
    Adwords Graphic Sample


    The following videos were scripted, shot, produced and/or edited by the team at Jawfish: