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    Event Rental Website on Desktop and Mobile

    Selfie Shoppe Photo Booth is a photo booth rental company in Nashville, Tennessee that serves special events, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, festivals, and more.

    Amanda, the owner of the company, came to Jawfish to help completely redesign their website. Amanda originally built a simple website using Wix. However, the site lacked the aesthetic and functionality Amanda was looking for. It also wasn’t bringing in any new customers.

    Jawfish Digital has been extremely helpful to us as a new company, learning how to efficiently break into our market and gain new
    customers. They make everything easy to understand, and are flexible, quick to respond, detail-oriented, and overall very easy to work with. We definitely plan to keep a long term relationship with them to help our company keep growing!


    Amanda Wile, Owner of Selfie Shoppe Photo Booth

    Below is a screenshot of the site’s homepage before Jawfish redesigned the full website:

    Selfie Shoppe - Before Website Redesign

    Now, here is a screenshot of the newly designed website:

    Selfie Shoppe - Homepage

    In addition to completely redesigning the website, we also implemented following features:

    • A custom popup event registration form
    • Custom landing pages for AdWords Campaigns
    • Social media links
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • A testimonial slider

    The custom registration form is a 3-part form that popups when a visitor clicks the “Request a Quote” button:

    Selfie Shoppe Popup Form

    This form allows the owners of the site to collect important information from visitors such as their name, number, the event date, the type of event, how many guests will be attending, and so on. This information is then sent to the owner’s email address so they can confirm the event.


    In addition to redesigning the website, we also helped Selfie Shoppe Photo Booth to optimize their Google AdWords campaigns. Before we stepped in, their ads were showing for too many unrelated keywords:

    Selfie Shoppe Adwords

    Some data has been blurred out to protect the company’s information and privacy.

    This resulted in a few issues:

    • The ads were showing up for irrelevant searches
    • This was then driving up the ad cost because visitors were clicking on these ads
    • In turn, zero event rentals were booked because the website was poorly designed and the ads were showing to searches that weren’t relevant to Selfie Shoppe Photo Booth’s business

    An example of this is the ad showing for “amazon birthday photo booth” or “cap and gown rental memphis”. A person searching for “amazon birthday photo booth” is not looking for a photo booth rental in their area, they’re looking to purchase something on Amazon.

    A person searching for “cap and gown rental memphis” is also not interested in a photo booth rental nor are they likely located in Selfie Shoppe Photo Booth’s service area (Nashville and Middle Tennessee).

    Thus, there were some serious fixes that needed to be made. First, the keyword match needed to be changed for all of the keywords. Then, we also optimized the ads, created separate ad groups for each target category, and created specific landing pages for each ad group (to maximize the page relevance to the ad and to the visitors who arrive on the landing page).

    Since our AdWords optimization, Selfie Shoppe Photo Booth’s ads have shown to much more relevant searches (and people more likely to book their business):

    Selfie Shoppe Adwords

    It’s also resulted in more calls and booked events for Selfie Shoppe Photo Booth.