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How to Evaluate Your Content Strategy

This post is part of a 9-step guide to creating a Content Strategy. To return to the landing page for this guide, click here.

You’ve finally reached the end and it’s time to put everything into action.

It may be scary and unsettling, but don’t worry. Your strategy is meant to grow and evolve. If in 3 months, 6 months, or whenever you set as a date to achieve your goal, pivot your strategy and go from there. Nothing you set is final and your strategy will always need to be evaluated and updated.

Your content and overall strategy, are not meant to be static. Content is not meant to just be published, never to be revisited again.

You need to go back and make adjustments as needed. That’s why we put in so much time defining what metrics to keep track of, what would define success, what you’re personas are looking for, and so on. That way you will know when something is working, and when something isn’t, allowing you to adapt quickly.

For instance, if you find you’re not attracting backlinks, maybe change up your email outreach approach. Or take a look at your content, and decide if it’s really link worthy. Conversely, if one piece of content is doing really well, try to copy that and adapt it to your strategy.

The whole process may seem like a lot of work, but by going through each step and thoroughly working your way through each one, you are creating a solid strategy that is it more likely to be successful.